Inspire with your emotions in a powerful corporate video production

A corporate video is a creative medium that uniquely presents the identity and philosophy of a company. With moving images and targeted messages, it conveys what makes the company special and what distinguishes it from others.

Unlike other branded content video productions, a corporate video offers the opportunity to present the history and face of your company. It allows you to bring your values, goals and vision to a more personal level and thus create a deeper connection with your target group.

When does a corporate video production make sense?

  • IA corporate video production is ideal for telling the story of your company
  • ICreating an emotional connection with the viewer
  • ICommunicate your own values
  • IGive the company a personal face
  • IStrengthen customer loyalty

This is how we produce your corporate video:



Definition of the goal, the target group and emotions of the corporate video production.



Preparation of the team, story, locations and schedule.



Creation of the recordings of the corporate video.



Editing of the corporate video. Cut, colors, tone, effects, subtitles and revisions.


approval and publication

You approve the corporate video and publish it.

How does a corporate video production help you?

Through emotions you create trust and increase customer loyalty

It breaks the ice and simplifies the first contact

They show the human side of your company

Authentic content builds confidence in your abilities

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