With employer branding videos you will find your professionals

The medium of our time is videos. That’s why you will not only be able to strengthen your brand as an employer with employer branding videos, but also reach your target group on the most successful channels. At Filmustry, we help you showcase the excitement and uniqueness of your workspace, team, and atmosphere.

With authentic insights into the work, exciting stories and humor, we inspire new professionals for your company. Build up a strong brand as a transparent and attractive employer bit by bit and secure the trust of your current and new employees.

When do you need an employer branding video?

  • IIncrease in awareness
  • IImproving employee recruitment
  • IStrengthening of the employer brand
  • ICommunication of corporate culture
  • IDifferentiation from competitors

This is how an employer branding video is created:



Discussing the jobs, job profiles and the target group.



Preparation of the content plans, the shooting schedules, locations, the team and protagonists.



Depending on the size of the project, we will accompany you for one day or over a longer period of time.



Editing of the entire video material. Cut, colors, sound, effects, subtitles and revisions.


Sharing and Publishing

You share and publish the videos. If necessary, we also help with the publication.

Why is employer branding essential

To be recognized by your target group

Build trust from the first moment

Generate social proof

Strengthen employee loyalty

Representation as a modern company

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