Live is Life: The power of a live action video production

With a live action video production you show real, action-packed video that focus on real people and places. No storyboard is required, but real life and real situations.

Live action video convey your message in an authentic and emotional way and create a very special connection with the viewer. An absolute must-have in a modern and effective marketing strategy.

When do you need this kind of video?

  • IFor authentic image campaigns
  • ISpontaneous stories from the company
  • IIf the marketing should not have an advertising style
  • IFor regular updates from customers and specialists
  • IDistribution of products and demonstrations

How live action video production work?



Definition of the goal, the target group, locations, content and mood of the live action video.



Preparation of the team, organization of the locations and protagonists and the schedule.



Recording of the live action video.



Editing of the video material. Cut, colors, tone, effects and revisions.


approval and publication

You approve and publish the live action video.

Why is live action video a must-have?

The most authentic video format

It’s very trendy on all platforms

Generates a lot of range in social media

Shows real company culture to the target group

Attracts people and make interactions possible

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