Marketing videO PRODUCTION is King, because video makes your audience move

Video marketing on social media is an important part of marketing for businesses and brands. We help identify video marketing trends and produce the right social media videos and video ads.

Video content can vary from entertainment, product placement or tips, so video production for social media requires careful planning and preparation. Then it can help you uniquely reach your audience, increase engagement and grow your business.

When do social media videos make sense?

  • ITo build a strong brand
  • IGenerate direct interactions with potential customers
  • IMultiplication of range
  • IBuild trust in the target group
  • IPositively influence purchasing decisions

This is how we create your video marketing:



Analysis of the target group and the competition and definition of the campaign goals.



Preparation of the stories, content and shooting plans, as well as everything related to the recording.



Depending on the size of the project, we record several videos in one or more days.



Editing of the entire video material. Cut, colors, tone, effects and revisions.


approval and publication

You approve and publish the social media videos. If necessary, we also help with the publication.



Checking the performance of the campaign and continuous optimization in order to achieve the defined goals.

What makes video marketing so important?

Video marketing influences the buy decision for 89% of users

Generates leads and traffic

Customers want to see more if you post regularly

Currently, Users consume an average of 17 hours of video per week

Performance can be measured and optimized

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product video

Product videos play a key role in purchasing decisions today and are indispensable for a strong marketing strategy. With our technical and creative expertise, we help you to present your products attractively and aesthetically.


If you want to show your company from its best side, a Corporate Video is the perfect way. We create a video that not only conveys your message, but also appeals to your target group emotionally and leaves a lasting impression.


Documentaries are the number one choice for long film formats and are particularly suitable for special occasions and detailed storytelling. If you are building a new plant or developing technology that will change the world, we would be happy to accompany you to tell your story vividly.