A product video production increase sales

A product video is an extremely effective way to attract potential customers to your product or service and positively influence their purchasing decision. When you make a product video, it shows the product or service in action and showcase its key features and benefits.

It can also help clarify the customer’s questions and concerns, leading him or her to make an informed purchasing decision.

What are good reasons for a product video production?

  • IFor the product launch
  • ITo answer common questions from potential customers
  • IShow product in action and proof performance
  • IConnect product with emotions
  • IIncrease the credibility of the product

How we make a product video for you:



Definition of the target group, the type of presentation, the emotions and the goal of the product video.



Preparing the team, gear and schedule.



Production of the recordings for the product video.



Editing all the video material. Cut, colors, tone, effects, subtitles and revisions.


approval and publication

The finished product video is approved and published by the customer.

That’s why you should make a product video

Product videos influence the purchase decision of 89% of users

A lot of information can be conveyed in a short time

Creates enormous trust as products are shown in action

Videos are shared up to 12 times more often then text and pictures

A product launch attracts significantly more attention

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