We connect creativity and technology with passion and establish emotions in a blue and data driven world.

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“Video productions have become indispensable for companies to strengthen their own brand and build trust with potential customers. We help companies in the industry to create high-quality content for marketing and service so that there is more time for the core business.”

Managing Director

Video productions for your success

our services

With our video productions we offer solutions for industrial companies in the areas of marketing, communication and technical support. We can help with current video formats building your brand, finding employees and building up a digital and modern service.


If you want to show your company from its best side, a Corporate Video is the perfect way. We create a video that not only conveys your message, but also appeals to your target group emotionally and leaves a lasting impression.


Our live action videos are the perfect way to give more expression to your company culture and people. We capture the mood and vibe of your business, creating a unique and compelling portrayal that will strengthen your brand and increase reach.


Video marketing and video ads are not just a trend, but an important part of a successful marketing strategy. We will help you get your message across so you can run effective marketing campaigns.

product video

Product videos play a key role in purchasing decisions today and are indispensable for a strong marketing strategy. With our technical and creative expertise, we help you to present your products attractively and aesthetically.


With a 360° documentation you create a completely new access to technical information for your customers. Simplify training and complex explanations with a 360 degree view of your machines and devices.


Documentaries are the number one choice for long film formats and are particularly suitable for special occasions and detailed storytelling. If you are building a new plant or developing technology that will change the world, we would be happy to accompany you to tell your story vividly.

employer branding

We support you in being better perceived as a company by specialists. With employer branding videos you can convey your corporate culture, values ​​and goals in an authentic and emotional way and reach potential applicants with the most successful medium in the world.

Video tutorial

With video tutorials, you can convey complex topics in a simple and understandable way. With our technical expertise, we help you create video courses and digital services. In this way, you can offer your customers better experiences, relieve your employees and save know-how.

building RELEVANCE
THROUGH stories

Good storytelling creates lively information and relevance to the audience. People and stories are primarily in the foreground and not the product or technology. This will be added organically as part of the people’s work. In Short: Stories are more important than technical details.


a legacy


We create professional video courses for the technical industry. To automate the training of new employees, onboarding videos and first-level support, so that the actual employees get capacities free to move on with important projects. Also, to save important know-how of older employees who might leave the company for retirement.



We have a strong engineering and media background and can connect both worlds for better results. With our technical expertise, we understand complex systems faster for creation of e-learnings which result in much less work for our customers. We offer a full service, by handling devices and filming on our own. For example, when a customer sends us a device to create an e-learning on it.







In a first non-binding conversation, we look at your current situation and clarify whether and how working together will help you.


In the strategy conversation, we define goals and look at an individual strategy on how we can create your video production.


After a successful strategy discussion, we start planning your project, provide resources, produce and deliver your content.

the people


Herr Schamber hat mit seinem Imagefilm über unsere Firma entscheidend zum Erfolg unserer PR-Kampagne beigetragen.Sein technisches Verständnis erleichtert die Kommunikation im Vorlauf sodass auch Fertigungsprozesse richtig dargestellt werden. Das spart jede Menge Zeit und mit dem Resultat waren wir sehr zufrieden.

Johannes Zepf

Ein innovativer und äusserst kompetenter Dienstleister, der es versteht, den richtigen Mix zwischen Kreativität und Fachwissen ausgewogen einzusetzten.

Stefano Giovannini

I worked with Eduard to make a corporate video with the specific request that it be different from the usual, creative, ironic, but in any case really professional. The proposed concept was perfect, the location really optimal. He directed the various stages in a really professional way but at the same time in a nice way and never too invasive. Wonderful result at an appropriate cost. Extremely suggested, for your videos (and not only corporate ones)!

Luca Del Nero

Im Namen von mir, dem Verein Basler Kindertheater sowie von allen mitwirkenden Schauspielkindern, möchten wir uns bei Herr Schamber für seine professionelle, flexible und kreative Arbeit, recht herzlich bedanken. Wir nutzen oft seine Dienste im Zusammenhang mit unseren Theaterproduktionen und schätzen die wertvolle, kompetente Zusammenarbeit sehr. Herr Schamber punktet durch seine wertvolle Expertise, welche von Anfang bis zum Schluss vorhanden ist. Das genaue Hinsehen, den perfekten Moment einfangen in unterschiedlichsten Perspektiven,- genau was wir gesucht und mit Herr Schamber bei Industrial Engineering Film, gefunden haben.

Das Basler Kindertheater

marketing faq


What kind of video does Filmustry produce?

We help with every film that will help you and your company grow. Be it a product video, image film or content for social media.
But what we enjoy the most are videos that come from real life. Creative and
authentic stories from your company that are told with excitement and humor and provide your viewers real value.

Why should I work with Filmustry?

We are insiders.
With more than a decade of experience in the engineering industry, we know the industry, your challenges and what motivates people to develop further in the industry. This experience, coupled with creative expertise, enables us to produce content that inspires technology and attracts new customers and professionals.

How exactly is video supposed to help my business?

Most people prefer face-to-face contact to exchange ideas or to obtain information. In our fast-moving, digital world, we cannot always be everywhere. Video is the closest
thing to an in-person experience, can provide immediate insights into people and businesses, and multiplies your exposure to customers and professionals.

How long does the cooperation last?

Projects often last 4-6 weeks from the start of the project to the finished film. The actual duration depends heavily on your project. Influences such as storytelling, locations, effects and desired film length influence a project.
Such questions can best be clarified in a personal conversation.

What do we do in the first meeting?

In the first conversation we get to know each other, what your ideas, questions and goals are. Based on this information we can decide how a cooperation can make sense and what the next steps are.

tutorials faq


Why should I make tutorials for my products?

Today we consume information differently than before. Google search is increasingly being replaced by YouTube, TikTok and the like. The fast pace of our time requires a lot of information to be conveyed quickly and easily. This makes tutorials effective, modern and popular. If you build up an archive of video tutorials, you can use them, also as first-level support and automate services.

We have to protect our know-how, how does Filmustry deal with it?

In our preliminary discussion, we will take a close look at all your data protection needs and adapt the production accordingly. To do this, we can make non-disclosure agreements, save the film material on an offline backup or delete it after production and delivery.
The best way to clarify this topic is in a personal conversation.

I have complex systems and products, can Filmustry help me with that too?

We are not only creative minds, but also experienced in technology. With over a decade of experience in mechanical engineering and technology, we are able to understand and process even complex systems and explanations. And if you don’t have the time, we are able to use our expertise to create entire tutorials ourselves.
Just ask us.

What can a digital service look like for me?

We will personally discuss which type of service makes sense for you, since every company has its own needs. Here are a few examples of what is possible:
● Integration into a service area of your website that customers can access with a user account
● QR codes in user manuals that lead to your videos on your servers or a public platform
● On an electronic memory as an attachment to your documentation
● Integration into VR/AR or 360° systems.

How many videos will I get for my product in the end and how much does it cost?

The number of videos depends on the scope and complexity of your product. We offer package prices for entire products or individual modules and thus remain cost-efficient and of high quality. Producing tutorials is usually cheaper than creative films. It is best for us to talk about your project in person.

miss nothing


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